Upgradeable Spy audio voice recorder with up to 280hours of recording time

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This audio voice recorder has an amazing capability of recording for up to 2 weeks (300 hours). This device has a sensitive microphone, which is ideal for leaving for extended periods of time.

The device will record up to 280 hours of recording on the 8gb of build in memory. The is also the option to upgrade the memory to a further 32gb. The possibilities are almost endless as you can add a Micro SD card up to 32gb making a total of 40GB or 1120 hours of recordings.

It’s simple to use all you have to do is slide the on switch, to start recording and slide again to stop. The device saves the audio files in small files. This allows you to access and playback easily.

A strong magnet underneath the removable belt clip is for sticking to metal surfaces such as fridges, metal cabinet or even inside a vehicle.

This device is perfect for business, dictation, classroom/lecture, conference, meeting, spying and music. It’s suitable for use inside clothing with or without the clip or place anywhere convenient in a room, vehicle or outdoors.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not include 32GB memory card. The recorder has 8GB built in memory and takes another optional 32GB Micro Sd memory card. This is to be purchased separately if required.

As default it records a sample rate of 64Kbps storing 1120 hours. To record in high quality 512Kbps slide switch to on and press down the "-" button until red and blue light flash. This recorder is not sound activated. Playback is by using headphones or download to PC/Mac by USB lead or removal of memory card. Works with all windows media players and VLC player on Mac.

We tested this recorder for several weeks to make sure it really works as advertised. The results were outstanding everything worked properly with excellent sound quality. 

At a Glance
Up to 2 weeks standby, from a single charge

Upgrade up to 40gb, by adding an extra 32gb memory card

Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV

USB storage write protection

High capacity 3200mAh rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 75mm x 40mm x 23mm

Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV

USB storage write protection

8GB-32GB storing 136-1120 hours

Bits rate: 64Kbps (default)

Bit rate: 512Kbps (optional settings)

sampling frequency 8kHz - 48kHz

Recording format: WAV

Weight: 53g

Package Includes:
Mini audio recorder


USB lead

Basic Manual

You can add a larger compatible memory card to your purchase by selecting from here Memory Cards and Add to Cart.