GSM Bug mains adaptor spy bug listening device Fully working (Upgraded)

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This is our best performing GSM mains adaptor to listen into a rooms activity due to recent module upgrade in Aug 23. It’s a fully working mains adaptor with improved, upgraded GSM reception & mic pickup. The upgraded GSM module is designed & manufactured exclusively for us. It's not available elsewhere & assembled to order in the UK, better than cheaper imports.

We test & setup the device ready, so all you must do is plug it into the mains, dial the number supplied or easily fit your own sim card to listen, anytime, anywhere in the world. It really is that simple.

The listening device auto-call back function (sound activation) can also alert you by calling you whenever it picks up sounds in the area. This saves you time as you don’t have to listen in unnecessarily. You can easily switch this function on or off, just by sending a SMS text to the device. This feature is great for protecting your property to monitor unwanted activity. Sound is filtered and 100% buzz free for perfect audio clarity. All our products are Brand New and come with 12 months guarantee.

At a Glance
Fully Functional, standard mains adaptor

Sensitive microphone captures audio up to 8 meters (25feet) radius of GSM bug

Hand made in UK, built to order (Upgraded August 23)

Call or receive calls from any location in the world. Incoming and outgoing call functionality.

Built in Quad Band GSM Listening Device (Worldwide compatibility)

This device dials your number whenever it picks up sounds or you can dial into the device and listen.

Auto-call back function, remote setup by SMS message

Mains Powered for unlimited monitoring

This device is extremely simple to use. Simply insert a SIM card (included) into the device and leave it wherever you feel the need.

Call the SIM phone number and it will automatically pick up, you can now listen in to what's happening around the device.

If you want the device to call you as soon as it picks up sound, simply send the device a SMS text with code which is provided and it will call whichever phone you sent the SMS text from and let you hear what's going on, this is ideal for when you are traveling abroad and don’t yet know what number you will have at your destination.

GSM Adaptor Specification:
Fully Functioning Double Mains Adaptor Built in GSM Listening Device Mains Powered for long term monitoring Plugs into any UK Style 3-Pin Socket Quad band will work on any GSM Mobile Network

Please note these devices are hand made to order and promptly dispatched from UK.

Warning: This product should not be used for any illegal purposes; you may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
It is illegal to make recordings (audio/visual) of any person(s) without their prior knowledge and/or consent.