Premium 1080p HD WIFI DIY Spy Camera Module Wireless Camcorder (New Server App)

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Introducing our Best Selling premium DIY compact WiFi spy camera kit, equipped with an upgraded camera quality, battery performance, app and innovative features to meet all your surveillance needs discreetly and efficiently. It also has the benefit of a housing with air vents. This allows you to hide easily with the option of using the magnet to stick to surfaces, which makes it easy to hide. Create your own device to secretly record video and take pictures with just the push of a button on your Android or Apple, using the new improved server & mobile App. Ideal for fun recording birds, or to protect your property, nanny cam or vehicle with the great motion detection facility which will start recording when someone is heard in the area. is superior to other models and well worth the upgrade.

It also has the benefit of a housing with air vents. This allows you to hide easily with the option of using the magnet to stick to surfaces, which makes it easy to hide. 


    • Enhanced Concealment: This spy camera kit comes with a housing featuring air vents, allowing for seamless hiding. Its magnetic option facilitates easy attachment to various surfaces, ensuring covert placement.

    • Versatile Functionality: With just a push of a button on your Android or Apple device, you can seamlessly record video, audio, and capture images. Ideal for various applications such as monitoring birds, safeguarding property, nanny cam duties, or securing vehicles.

    • High-Quality Video: Experience exceptional video quality with up to 1080p HD resolution, ensuring clear visuals. Live streaming capabilities enable real-time monitoring via mobile devices, offering peace of mind wherever you are.

    • Ample Storage: Store recordings on a Micro SD card of up to 128GB (not included), accessible through your computer or mobile app. The unit supports continuous recording for up to 64 hours or weeks of motion-activated video, providing extensive coverage.

    • Remote Access: Stay connected and monitor live feeds remotely from anywhere in the world through the dedicated mobile app, compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

    • Long Battery Life: The internal battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous recording. Alternatively, power the module via mains charger or power bank for extended usage, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

    Package includes:

    • WiFi Camera module
    • USB charging cable
    • Basic user instructions


    • Motion detection and remote activation via the app
    • Supports standard 2.4g WiFi Internet connectivity
    • Scheduled time recording feature
    • Video Resolution: HD 1080p & 720p, H.264 compressed format
    • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 720, 5 Mega CMOS
    • View angle: 90 degrees
    • Audio via built-in microphone
    • Battery Type: Integrated Lithium Battery 600mAh up to 2hrs of continuous recording
    • More efficient software to extend battery life
    • Dimensions: Main module - Length 58mm x Width 30mm x Depth 17mm, Camera cable length - 180mm

    Invest in our compact WiFi spy camera kit today and elevate your surveillance capabilities discreetly and effectively.

    Memory Card Option:

    Enhance your purchase by adding a compatible memory card available Memory Cards and Add to Cart.

    Note: This product should only be used for lawful purposes. Recording individuals without their consent may result in legal consequences.

    Heat generated by the camera is dissipated through the vents on the case, ensuring normal operation.