Spy Recording Devices

Spy Recording Devices

We have a great selection of user friendly audio surveillance and digital spy recording devices & products. These discreet, affordable secret voice recording devices are capable of being easily activated remotely from a distance or activated by detecting voice or movement.

– Discreetly record or listen to voice audio from anywhere in the world by mobile.

– Record direct to storage, with date stamped audio files.

– Capture evidential voice recordings, remotely or manually.

Why Might I Need a Hidden Spy Recording Device?

Spy voice recorders – these are the classic spy equipment used by many investigators. They can be used in many different scenarios and allow you to playback later, at your convenience. Whether you’re trying to prove to yourself criminal activity, monitor incorrect behaviour such as attempts to steal your property or deceive you. Audio voice recorders can prove invaluable, as often you miss the detail when listening.

Some common uses:

  • Monitor activity in your home
  • Gather evidence of harassment
  • Record interviews, meetings or dictate notes
  • Monitor your car, vehicle movements
  • Record verbal agreements and promises

What Are the Differences in Audio Surveillance Secret recording devices ?

We stock various audio recorders. Manual recording devices are simple to use, you either setup to continuously record or start recording when voices are heard, or movement detected. Other more sophisticated spy recording devices allow you to listen remotely or live stream the audio to a storage device.

GSM listening devices with audio recording facility. These devices work on normal GSM mobile phone networks such as Virgin, EE or Vodafone in the UK, giving you worldwide coverage. Simply insert the SIM card in the listening device and you can call up and listen or record conversations and surrounding sounds at any time. You can call the sim card from anywhere in the world. All it costs is the same rate as a mobile phone call often included in your tariff at little or no cost. Our advanced auto call-back models, call or text you back when noise or disturbance is detected in the area. Therefore, there is no waiting around listening unnecessarily.

Our spy shop has built its reputation on quality, reliability and performance at a fair price using the same suppliers as more expensive competitors and therefore, all our range of Gsm spy secret recording devices are customised by our team of professionals to offer complete satisfaction. Our spy recorder audio quality is unsurpassed in the field. Never again will you be restricted by range because GSM is a standard worldwide communications network you can now use to monitor and safeguard your vehicle, home or office environment and to monitor the welfare of your property.