What’s the best Spy Bug GSM listening Device on the market?

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What’s the best Spy Bug GSM listening Device on the market?

What’s the best Spy Bug GSM listening Device on the market?

GSM listening devices are also commonly called spy bugs or bugging devices. What is important is that you consider what the purpose of your task is going to be. The purpose will determine whether the device needs to be hidden inside a product or is a standalone product.

As an example: should you wish to ensure that your kids are not having a party or friends in your house, while your away. You may wish to have a more discreet device which is hidden inside a product. While a listening device may be disguised as a calculator or mouse, GSM audio listening bugs can also be disguised as room fixtures, such as plug sockets, bestselling mains adapters or extension leads. These are less likely to be inadvertently removed from a room.

On the other hand, should you wish to protect your car, a standalone GSM listening device would be the more logical solution.

What are the different features of GSM Listening Devices?

A majority of GSM listening devices or Spy bugs are just like having a mobile phone in the area of use. All the device requires is charge and a sim card with credit, to keep it active on the network of choice. When in situ you can call the device up from anywhere in the world. Once the device answers your call, you can listen to what happens in the area of use at that point of time.

Auto Call Back

Auto call-back enables the listening device to call you back, when it detects sound in the area of use. This is effective if you would like to save time as the device calls you and you do not need to listen in. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any action in the area that the device is placed.

Please remember that for the device to call you it will require that the sim card has credit. This is because the device will call you just the same as a mobile phone would. Therefore, all it costs you is the call cost. Should you insert a contract sim or payg with inclusive minutes, calls would be within the sim cards tariff.

Adjustable sensitivity

Some auto call back devices also have adjustable sensitivity. This enables the owner to set the back-ground noise level that the device will respond to. Whilst for normal use the auto call back models are more than sufficient for general use. Adjustable sensitivity models are an upgrade and as such more sensitive. This kind of device is useful for a scenario, where you wish the device to call you with the slightest noise. This may be when there is little or no back ground noise in the area of use.On the opposite scale, should you wish to protect your vehicle, there may be regular noise in the area of use. Perhaps you would only like the device to call you when the vehicle has been damaged or broken into. Therefore, this kind of device can be set to only call you at a high level of noise.

As GSM devices only work on GSM sim cards it is essential to select the correct network. In the UK we successfully use GSM listening devices on EE, Virgin & Vodafone. Therefore, there is loads of choice to ensure that you choose the network with the best reception in area of use. There are GSM networks in most countries across the world. The listening devices that we sell are all quality products and work all over the world. Click on the link to view our current range of spy bugs & listening devices.

Audio Recording Devices

GSM Spy Bug Listening devices do not include the facility to record sound. They are intended to monitor are area of use. Don’t worry, we do sell various Audio Recording devices, which come in various shapes and sizes. These could be used for record keeping with a basic Dictaphone or a miniature recording device. These devices could make both parties feel more secure. Click on the link to view our Audio Voice Recording Devices.

Please ensure, whichever device you use it is used within the law of the country of use. We would never encourage anyone to work in an unlawful manor. Please consider and research how you intend to use the device.

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