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There are many reasons why you would seek to find hidden spy cameras. Protect your privacy, especially if your on a sensitive trip; prevent eavesdropping when conducting sensitive meetings with peace of mind. There is nothing wrong with being over cautious checking the hotel room as you arrive?  You have probably seen or heard of scenarios where they have been recorded when innocently booking into a hotel room or AirBNB. If you follow the simple 5 steps below you can protect your privacy from others. 5 steps to check your hotel room for spy cameras or listening devices.1. Scan the surroundingsFamiliarise yourself with...

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Types of Spy Bug DetectorsThere are predominantly two types of spy devices that you can come in contact with, video and audio. The devices that are being used operate on a radio frequency (RF). The technology for these devices is fairly simple, resulting in “bugs” that are often no bigger than a coin. They use a lower range of [...]

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