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Are you being over cautious checking the hotel room as you arrive?  You have probably seen or heard of scenarios where they have been recorded when innocently booking into a hotel room or AirBNB. If you follow the simple 5 steps below you can protect your privacy from others. 5 steps to check your hotel room for spy cameras or listening devices.1. Scan the surroundingsFamiliarise yourself with your temporary surroundings. Whether your just staying for a night or a few weeks is makes logical sense to review the room first.Common places to check where a device is more likely to be...

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Types of Spy Bug DetectorsThere are predominantly two types of spy devices that you can come in contact with, video and audio. The devices that are being used operate on a radio frequency (RF). The technology for these devices is fairly simple, resulting in “bugs” that are often no bigger than a coin. They use a lower range of [...]

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