How to detect a hidden camera or listening device in a Hotel room or Airbnb?

Airbnb’s have changed the landscape of hotel stays. Largely due to property owners being able to rent out their property via the website. This is a great business idea allows them to capitalise on renting the property out for short periods of time at cheaper rates than normal hotel stays. After a recent trip to Venice the local guides advised me that a large proportion of properties are rented on Airbnb rather than to locals. This demonstrates how popular Airbnb is. There have been a few news articles where customers have found that they are being spied on whilst they are staying in someone else’s property. Whether this is deliberate or a mistake due to the person leaving the camera on. Our own privacy is very important to us and as such you may wish to protect yourself against this potential threat and with a small device detect hidden cameras and listening bugs. 

The hidden camera finder is a simple but effective device which has special lights to detect hidden camera lenses. These devices are designed for travelers, they are almost like having your own personal security team in your pocket - perfect for anyone concerned about being caught or observed on hidden cameras.

To use this function, you active the bright LED’s on the device, some will flash. This works by reflecting of the infra-red filter that is on most hidden cameras. Your best approach is to systematically sweep the room, paying attention to products in the room that the camera could be hidden inside. You will see the bright lights reflecting off the infra-red filter, look carefully through the aperture of the device as the lens can be tiny. As such when you sweep the room you will see the camera lens flashing back a small red dot at you. Remember that there could be more than one camera in the room, so keep searching.

We are critical as to the reliability of the devices we sell. Therefore, we have tested our camera finders on all the hidden cameras that we sell. The detectors can find all of them. Some cameras do not have infra-red filters, or they have been manually removed. This is rare however, the devices will still locate then, just that they will not flash as prominently.

Some of our devices also include a spy bug detector, this is a great idea as you can cover both concerns with one device. As covered in other articles on our website these are also simple to locate. Essentially the listening devices normally work on GSM wave lengths. Therefore, the devices can be used to sweep the room for the signal being sent whilst someone is listening in. As the signal gets stronger the closer you are to the listening device you can home in on the bug fairly swiftly.

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