Five Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

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Five Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Infidelity in a relationship is not an unfamiliar problem unfortunately. As dealing with a partner cheating can be an emotional roller coaster, it is important that you search for facts rather than making decisions emotionally. The five tips below have been identified by Private Investigators as Five key triggers in behaviour that may indicate that a partner may be cheating.

Changes in partners routine

Staying late after hours at the office (finishing a project), going to the pub or bar after work, or having to stay away on a business trip are all common tactics to assist in concealing an affair. With the fast-paced environment of work, this is also often an expectation from the line managers. Therefore, should this increase it is very possibly be a tactic to hide a secret relationship. Engaging in conversation to understand your partners performance or aspirations, may help substantiate whether it is legitimate. This is a hard one to detect as calling whilst your partner is at a work commitment may apply unnecessary pressure, whilst working. Tread carefully, but as we have implied it’s an indicator and unlikely to be the whole answer.

Easier to investigate is if your partner takes a new interest outside their work. This could be taking up a new hobby or interest that the other person is also interested in. Whether it be joining a club, taking up distance running, tennis club. A sudden change in direction or attitude can be an indicator. Remember not to make a decision on this alone. However, a new interest may be a great conversation piece, which you could get involved in. If you have misjudged the situation this could actually help you in your relationship. A sudden change in attitude or interest can signal something’s going on.

A different approach to technology

The first is more obvious to detect and very likely, especially for a partner that is engaged in technology / social media. Should you partner change their behaviour when using technology, whether it is their phone, tablet or computer. Should they start restricting your visibility to hide their activity. Why has this behaviour changed? Different tactics can be used such as changing their password; restricting what they discuss; changing the applications that they engage on. If you’re not invited or allowed to see but was welcome previously. This could be a good indicator. Maybe you’re used to using the same computer or tablet with the same log-in, occasionally you may trip upon your partner’s favourite website still open when you go to use it? But then the behaviour changes and it stops. They get a new device and become very protective of it. Just remember if it’s a work device, they may have legitimate reasons. Especially with the recent enforcement of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). You may observe that they become over fussy with new passwords and start to close apps, when you are looking or nearby. Just be sure they are not shopping for your birthday or special occasion, or maybe they’re cheating.

Sexual / intimacy changes

Often an unfaithful partner will lose interest in sex, but this isn’t always the case. Many partners that are having an affair will experience a higher sexual interest, and this can manifest whether they’re playing at home or away. There’s the likelihood that they become more affectionate through guilt.

A dishonest partner may become more inclined to take more interest in you, this is often to know your plans, know where you are going and till when. This helps them avoid detection, if it coincides with your plans. Should you change your plans at the last minute, this can challenge your partner.

Lack of commitment to long term plans.

This is a great behaviour to observe. If your partner was very good at planning ahead. Engage and attempt to change their plans. This will demonstrate if they are reluctant to commit in the future, or they have other plans tat have not been shared with you. If they’ve been reliable up till now, then a reluctance to plan ahead can be a sign they’re having an affair.

A great example is if you have always had a routine, perhaps planning a holiday in advance for next year. Or a big commitment such as moving house. If they have doubts about the relationship, there may be hesitation in making that long term commitment

Being certain

Remember to stay within the Law and seek facts, rather than surmising or guessing. It therefore, is very important that you act Lawfully when gathering evidence. Ensure that you use the evidence lawfully, should you need to confront your partner. Definitely do not publish them on Social Media as once it is on the Internet, you may not be able to remove it.

Remember, do not determine on one factor, ensure that you seek to prove otherwise, before letting emotion take over. The last thing you want to do is destroy a happy relationship by being suspicious.

Remember these are triggers and you may need to use listening devices or spy cameras to substantiate your suspicions. This is because cheats are often very good at covering their tracks. Alternatively, you can always hire a Private Investigator.