The Ways of Catching a Cheating Partner

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The Ways of Catching a Cheating Partner

A cheating partner has to be one of the worst things to experience. The person you trust the most betraying not only your trust, but the vow you both have taken and upheld together. It’s something that comes and knocks you straight in the gut and leaves you winded for certain.

However, at the same time, it’s just not easy or feasible to let those suspicions go unchecked or unnoticed. The suspicion eats at you so much that you know you have to do something about it. After all, it’s not just something miniscule. It happens to involve your spouse or partner betraying you with someone else. It needs to be dealt with.

If you are having such suspicions, but have no idea what to do, follow this guide to see the ways of catching a cheating partner.

The Suspicion

The suspicion can come to you at any time and take a hold of you harder than you could ever comprehend. Once it has, you will need to check out if the suspicion holds true by scrutinizing your partner. The things you might notice that set off your suspicions towards the thought that your partner is actually cheating are:

Sudden Changes in Behavior

A cheating partner might exhibit certain changes in behavior that may almost seem sudden to you. For example, they might be spending more and more time on their phone, even taking it to the bathroom. If such kind of behavior is unusual and they react badly to you questioning them over it, chances are that they do have something to hide.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns

Your partner might suddenly start sleeping at late hours and the reason they give to you will normally be work. But these work filled nights may slowly become a common occurrence in the household as your partner will be prowling around the house at night while you asleep. Staying up late regularly means that there’s something wrong that they do not wish to tell you.

Decreased Sexual Activity

If sometimes you just ask them to have some sex with you after work and they happen to decline the offer citing tiredness, they might be getting some elsewhere. Although the first couple of times can be excused, if this becomes a common occurrence your suspicions are strong. Moreover, they will typically respond rudely and angrily to you pushing for it. If they do, something very wrong is happening.

Confirming the Suspicion

Once your suspicions have reached a certain level beyond which you believe that you need to absolutely do something about it, you need to take some steps to confirm the suspicion. It is a hard thing do, on both a mental and physical level, but it’s something that needs to be done for your own good.

Here are the steps you can follow

Check their Mobile Phone

If they happen to be spending extra time on their mobile phones and happen to be using them everywhere possible, you might want to know what they’re up to. One good indication is always taking their mobile to the bathroom. If such activities are occurring, you should check out their phone once it is not close to them. For example, you grab it when it is charging. Do not care about personal space, your suspicions and having them confirmed or not matters more.

Track their Moves

If your partner happens to be spending extensive periods of time outside of the house, you might want to check where they are going for so long. Attach a GPS transmitter to their vehicle and monitor their movement and see where they stop. Alternatively, calculate the total amount of distance traveled by the vehicle each day. If the amounts displayed by the device happen to be alarmingly larger than the usual routine, you know you need to check more.

Spy on Them

Your partner might be getting up occasionally to pick up phone calls and going to a certain place in the house in order to listen to them. If this happens frequently, you need to check on just what they are talking about. Secretly place a spy recording device in that part of the house and let it record the conversation taking place. Later, you can listen to it discreetly without having to worry about being noticed. Spying involves the utmost secrecy. Alternatively, you can place an effective GSM listening device in your property. These devices can call you when they hear movement or noises. This is a great way of finding out what is happening, without having to listen for hours. You only have to listen when something is actually happening.

Catch them in the Act

Once your suspicions are all but confirmed, you need to set your partner up in order to confirm what you have been feeling and thinking. Take a trip to your parents, and just mention a business trip. If they don’t ask you about it and just allow you to go, you can be certain that they are planning something. Show up unexpectedly to the house if you see an unknown car parked outside. Just tiptoe in using your key and go to the place where they are at. You can buy a spy camera to take some photos discreetly, or even use a small recording device to have an audio file of what was going on.

Take a look at the places they frequent and the patterns they exhibit when they are going to that place. Next time they happen to be following those patterns, follow them and make sure that you reach the place beforehand and secure a good vantage point for yourself. Simply wait for them with a hidden camera, the better the quality it offers the better for you, and take some good pictures of them with their supposed partner in adultery.

Finally, you will need to confront your partner. You need to go into that with mental fortitude so that you are not swayed easily by what they say. At the same time, be prepared to be proven wrong. Allow your partner the time they need to explain after you have explained your side in its entirety.