5 Differences between inferior £30 and our quality £50 Spy Listening Devices

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5 Differences between inferior £30 and our quality £50 Spy Listening Devices

So, we don’t think that we must explain what listening devices are. You’re reading a blog on a website that is named UK spy gear, so we’re going to go ahead and suppose that you know exactly what we mean by spy listening devices. And, as you’ve probably searched around a bit, you’ll see that these little devices can come pretty cheap. Many cost below £30 and they’re something even a high school student can afford with his/her pocket money. Then, there are some people that spend hundreds of pounds to purchase (almost) the same devices. You might be thinking, “Why are these people spending so much money on spy listening devices when you could buy them cheap?” The answer would be that there are significant differences between the quality of the spy bugs. To an untrained eye, the two might seem exactly the same. But, we, at UK Spy Gear, know the difference between an “affordable” and a cheap inferior piece of tech. Remember you only get one chance to listen in, don't waste that oportunity. And, we’re willing to communicate that knowledge to you. So, without further ado, let’s get into a few dissimilarities between the two categories of spy listening devices.

  • 1.The Heat Resistance

Obviously, the first thing a listening device does is stay online for an extended period of time. Some devices have to go for days till they’re taken down and the recordings are reviewed. During this time, the devices can get pretty ‘stressed’. The sheer number of working hours is enough to shred a cheap spy listening devices and burn the circuit inside. We’ve experienced this ourselves in the early days of trading and seen many people ranting on the internet that their device burned down after two or three days. It’s safe to say that this is a very common problem among inexpensive 'copy' spy listening devices. However, when it comes to premium devices, they don’t overheat. You could make them sit in the burning sun for hours and they won’t fail you. In our opinion, cheap devices aren't even worth the few pounds if they burn out in just a few days. Spend your money the right way and purchase something that won’t turn to ashes.

  • 2.Low Audio

This is by far, the most cliché problem with it comes to spy listening bugs. Keep in mind, a good spy device always has a sensitive microphone. The people you’re spying on won’t exactly be holding the mic up to their lips. That’s why you need devices that can peek in on discreet conversations. Most of the time, devices are concealed in places that are maybe blocked off. This will mean that a cheap listening device will have barely any audio to none of it. There’s a good chance that the spy listening device won’t even pick up on the conversation and all you’ll hear is static. If you’re going to be spying on people that like to keep their voices low, spend some extra pounds on your device because that’s how you can listen to what they have to say. Oh, and one more thing – As we mentioned earlier, sensitivity is important. But,there are a few mics that are a little too sensitive. However, we’ll get into this a few minutes later.

  • 3.Life Span

This is more than obvious and doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just like anything else in life, cheap microphones are ruined quicker than quality ones. Even a few of our clients have claimed that the previous vendors sold devices break during the second or third use. While, a few customers also said that their devices came with manufacturing defects. Sure, cheap spy listening devices are good enough if you’re using them on someone as a onetime thing, but if you’re going to be using them frequently, you must buy ones that are durable and will last for a long time. Our listening devices are well built and are completely reliable. They won’t be rendered useless for years to come. So, if you spent over £49 on your spy listening device, it’s safe to say that it be a long time before you have to buy another one.

  • 4.Lack of Low Profile

The heading might confuse you a little bit. But, please let us explain. A spy listening device is meant to be quiet and camouflaged so they can hide in plain sight. Usually, if your devices get caught, there’s a good chance they can be traced back to you. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some devices that are anything but stealthy. These devices often make a shrill noise every now and then. The noise isn’t that distinct and will probably fade away over a normal voiced conversation. But, someone might catch on to a buzzing sound when there’s silence. And, if there’s a smart person in the room, their mind might venture towards the possibility that their room is bugged. On the other hand, expensive spy listening devices don’t have that problem. They’re quite as a rock and there will no absolutely no noise to make anyone suspicious to the presence of a bug.

  • 5.Over-Sensitivity

As we mentioned a while ago, sensitivity is important. But, there too much sensitivity is the coup de grace for any spy listening device. A mic can be placed in a room with a ceiling fan, or the mic could be placed in a vent where there’s air. If you also placed a cheap bug in a similar environment, then we’re pretty sure that you won’t get much from the audio. Most of the recording would be masked by the noise and the audio will be incomprehensible. If you’re going to be bugging a place where there’s going to be a lot more to record than just human voices, it would be much better to spend more because the recording from a cheap spy listening device will be entirely useless.