Dual USB Car charger with Spy Bug GSM listening device with Battery Backup

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This vehicle listening device is the ultimate spy bug listening device for cars & vans, for covert vehicle surveillance. Under close examination it looks like an ordinary double USB car charger but conceals a smart hidden GSM spy bug. It simply plugs in to the car or lorry cigarette lighter (12v or 24v power socket) and connects to your USB cable for charging at any time. This exclusive USB car charger does not just charge your mobile phone. This device has a GSM spy bug listening device built into the charger. You also have the same clear sound as other GSM listening devices. You can call the device at your convenience to listen to the sounds & noise within the vehicle
You can hear this GSM spy device from anywhere in the world. When you call the mobile number, this device will auto answer. You can hear talking and sounds you are listening for when you call in to the sim card. Useful at for leaving in the vehicle for your protection. Because the device has a built-in integrated battery it can work independently. Once charged the device doesn’t depend on being connected to the vehicle so you can listen to a surrounding area.


At a Glance:

Worldwide GSM compatibility: 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800mhz, 1900mhz
SIM card audio listening device

Runs off latest GSM technology using the same technology as mobile phones

High-sensitivity microphone that can monitor the surrounding sounds at the same time

Microphone Range: 5-7-meter radius

Dial the SIM number and you can monitor surrounding sounds at your leisure

Highly covert, not easy to discover as no lights

Product size: 105mm*50mm*20mm

Working voltage: 12-24V DC

Output 5v x 4.8A


Package Includes:

1 x Dual USB Car Charger GSM Device

1 x User Manual



To use the features on this product you will require a compatible GSM sim card once you have tested ok put some credit on the sim to ensure that the network keeps it active.

It's always best to stick with a network that you know has a decent reception in the area that the product is being used, we normally recommend Vodafone, Virgin or EE in the UK as these have good network coverage. Device works with most GSM networks across the world.

O2 & the 3 Network sim cards will NOT work with listening devices as they are mainly 3g sim cards.

You can add a compatible GSM sim card to your purchase by selecting from here Sim Cards and Add to Cart.

Warning: This product should not be used for any illegal purposes; you may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
It is illegal to make recordings (audio/visual) of any person(s) without their prior knowledge and/or consent