Telephone Phone Line Calls Recorder Adapter for PC or Digital Voice Recorders

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This advanced genuine device, enables you to record all the calls for recording devices such as digital voice recorder, MP3 or essentially most devices that have recording facility. The key feature is this device works well with your Computers or Laptop. All you need to do is download the recording software. You can record all the calls as MP3 or wav format file to your computer.

To use this device, simply plug the telephone's line directly into the Voice Recorder Adapter. The cord from the Voice Recorder Adapter is plugged directly into the telephone's wall jack. The inline Voice Recorder Adapter audio output cable can be plugged into any recorder. Certain models of audio recording devices feature voice activation. They will immediately start recording when they detect voices and require no interaction to record. The recording device will cease recording when the conversation ends.

Computer software enables you to keep permanent recordings of important calls. Capture every word on your computer! Just plug this device in between your phone and sound card. Set it to record every call, software can be setup to automatically record when calls are detected; or manually on specific calls.

  • For fixed Line Phone with RJ11 Jack only

  • Does not affect the telephone

  • Can record all the calls

  • Compatible with majority of audio recorder devices

  • Compatible with Free Arial Sound Recording software


Package includes: Recording Adapter, RJ11 Cable & Male to Male 3.5mm Audio Cable.