Silver Effect HD 1080P IR Night Vision Spy Watch with 32gb DVR Camera

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Silver effect dress watch style 1080p High-Definition Spy Camera Watch video watch has infrared night vision. This dress style watch is a great spy gadget featuring high definition video recording, high resolution photo capture, and a durable all-metal weatherproof design. (1920x1080) high-definition video recording with 30 frames.
With 32 GB's of built-in storage capacity, it has never been easier to secretly record hours of surveillance in computer ready AVI format.

This HD spy watch is perfect for making recordings of lectures & meetings, for capturing holiday memories when you do not have your camera at hand, or to leave yourself a memo when you are out and about. Whether want one of the the latest gadgets or aspire to be the next James Bond this is the watch for you. It is not possible to detect the miniature camera lens in the watch face and the microphone and USB connection look like just another button.

Easy to Use: Record at the push of a button. Hold the Start button for 3 seconds to start recording, hold it again for 3 seconds to stop, it couldn't be simpler.

At a Glance...
Silver effect spy wristwatch 32GB memory

HD 1080P

Night-vision and infra-red

Audio recording

Package Contents: Silver Effect Spy DVR Watch, USB Cable, Basic Instructions - English

Dimensions (cm): H: 6cm W: 5.3cm D: 1.4cm



Waterproof design 3ATM

Video Format: AVI

Video Coding: M-JPEG

Resolution: 1920x1080

Photo resolution: 12 Mega pixels

Player software: operating systems or mainstream movie playback software

Picture format: JPG 12 megapixels, 4032*3024

Image scaling: 4:3

Vision Angle: 90 degree

Support system: Windows ME / 2000 / XP / 2003/ VISTA; Mac os 10.4; Linux

Vol: DC 5V

Interface-type: Mini USB

Memory 32GB

Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery

Charging time: aprox 1.5h

Continuous recording Video: up to 45mins


Q: How long does the battery last?
A: After a full charge, the battery can support continuous recording for upto 45 minutes.

Q: How long will it record if a 8GB watch?
A: It will allow you to record upto 90 minutes with 8GB.

Q: Is there any LED light flashing during recording?
A: When start recording, the LED light will only flash three times and then turn off during recording, so nobody will notice it.

Q: Can the video file which is recording be stored if the battery suddenly goes dead?
A: If the battery suddenly goes dead, the watch will store the recording video files before it turns off.

Q: Can I use the watch underwater?
A: This product cannot be used underwater i.e. water resistant, however watch is waterproof (splash resistant) when MIC cover (included) is used.

Q: How do I clean the watch face?
A: Always use dry cloth to clean up the glass, to acheive the best recording. The watch has a transparent cover on the glass for protection during transit, please remove it before using the camera.


For safety, do not put this watch too close to a warm source i.e.fireplace as the product has a rechargable battery inside..