GSM Bug & Audio Recorder hidden inside 2 way UK extension lead Fully working

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This fully functioning 2 gang mains extension lead with a hidden listening device bug allowing you to listen to what’s happening in the room where it’s deployed, with the added facility to record audio onto your Micro SD card up to 16gb for future playback. Both functions can be operated by sending a text to the device to turn on and off. It’s like having a listening device and a voice recorder in a small box. We test & setup the device ready, so all you must do is plug it into the mains, easily fit your own sim card to listen, anytime, anywhere in the world. It really is that simple. We can fit a GSM sim card ready for use, when sim card is purchased in our store, or you can use your own GSM sim card, contract or pay as you go.

When you call the mobile number, the device will auto answer to allow you to listen to the surrounding noise. Or just send a text to record audio to the micro SD memory card you have inserted in the device. Therefore, you can either call up device to listen or record audio to the Micro SD card installed (card not included).   

Register the bug with a phone of your choice, and the bug will then call you when it hears sound above 40db in the area of use. You will be able to hear sound within a 4-meter radius of the bug.

The listening device auto-call back function (sound activation) can also alert you by calling you whenever it picks up sounds in the area. This saves you time as you don’t have to listen in unnecessarily. You can easily switch this function on or off, just by sending a SMS text to the device. This feature is great for protecting your property to monitor unwanted activity.


At a Glance
Fully Functional, 3 metre cable length UK 3 pin plug 2 way extension lead

Super sensitive hidden microphone

Voice / sound activated call back

Remote audio recording onto Micro SD card up to 16gb (memory card optional extra)

Sensitive microphone provides clear speech filtering out background noise and electronic sound from TV and radio.

Hand made in UK, built to order

Built in Quad Band GSM Listening Device (Worldwide compatibility except Australia)

Mains Powered for unlimited monitoring

Device is extremely simple to use.

Dimensions: (L) 27.3mm (W) 27.4mm (H) 17.65mm


Package Includes:

GSM 2 way extension lead

Basic English user manual 


It's always best to stick with a network that you know has a decent reception in the area that the product is being used, we normally recommend Vodafone, Virgin or EE in the UK as these have good network coverage. Device works with most GSM networks across the world.

O2 & the 3 Network sim cards will NOT work with listening devices as they are mainly 3g sim cards.

Please note these devices are hand made to special order and promptly dispatched from UK.


Warning: This product should not be used for any illegal purposes; you may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
It is illegal to make recordings (audio/visual) of any person(s) without their prior knowledge and/or consent.