USB Waterproof 6 Led Endoscope Borescope Inspection Cable 5.5mm 6 LED

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This waterproof endoscope camera is ideal for live viewing, recording video & taking photographs. As the rigid cable is only 5.5mm in diameter, it can easily be pushed through a small gap. As there are 6 bright adjustable LED lights. With a focal distance of 3cm to infinite, you can view or record in poor lighting & darkness.

The endoscope can be used on windows laptops & desktop computers. As the device has a Micro USB cable, it can be connected to your compatible Android mobile phone or tablet. This is because there is an app that can be downloaded, to allow you to view photographs & live review of video footage.
The advantages of this product are its miniature size & diameter, it’s light weight, camera diameter is only 5.5mm, adjustable brightness of 6 LED lights, capture the photo directly and store it on your Android mobile phone, video function can also record onto your Windows PC or Android mobile phone. This enables further analysis or follow-up; the image can be seen clearly even in a small dark area.

There are many applications for the inspection camera such as underwater video & still camera; motor vehicle maintenance video recording; sewer pipeline detector; search & rescue and property protection amongst many more.


Camera diameter: 5.5mm head

3.5 m long flexible tube

Camera: 1.3MP with 1/12'' VGA COMS
Pixel: 640*480. 1280*720
Video Resolution: Android 640*480(VGA)

1280*1024,1280*720, 800*600, 640*480, 352*288 1280*720(Only on PC)

Capture Resolution: Up to 640*480,1280*720

6 Adjustable White LEDs

Waterproof: IP67, 60° Viewable Angle

Supports Android, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 & 10

Package Includes:

Android Mini USB Endoscope, Small hook, Magnet, Side mirror, CD Driver, Micro to USB convertor & basic instructions.