Budget Black Anti Spy Detector audio bug and camera detector

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This is our pocket sized mini spy bug detector, which can detect wireless video cameras & wireless transmitters that may have been installed at your home. Just turn on the device and pay attention to its behaviour. Blinking LED & buzzer signals the detection of an audio bug or camera. The device will detect GSM devices whilst they are transmitting (someone is listening in) or cameras that are turned on to mains. Remember don’t stop when you find one device, sweep the whole area.

A simple scan will detect frequencies ranging between 100-2400mhz that are transmitting in the area of sweep. This device is not made as a professional bug detector and is designed to cover small areas.

Press and hold A to detect signal. Press and hold B to detect more exact location as you need to be closer to device for alarm to sound. If it starts to make a crackling sound then you will need to make a physical inspection around that area.

Initially test the device by scanning over your mobile phone whilst on a call to a friend. This will confirm that the device is working ok & the sensitivity is set correctly, to locate these kinds of devices. Please note all sweepers work on the same principle.

The device normally detects radio interference from the device, you are attempting to locate. But it is a budget solution to reduce the threat of eavesdropping by testing for devices is the vicinity when previously there were none.

When locating & detecting GSM spy bugs, they must be activated and are realising gsm signals, if the bugs are off then this will not locate them until they are activated. Thank fully a lot of GSM listening devices being used call the owner up when it detects noise. Therefore, the device is likely to be realising a GSM signal whilst you are nearby, so long as there is sufficient noise (talking, music etc).

  • Device scans the area in up to 2 m radius making the debugging easier
  • Detects hidden video cameras and audio bugs
  • Small and neat device which fits in your pocket
  • Alarming mode: sound
  • Built in speaker
  • Simple to use
  • Detects frequencies between 100-2400Mhz
  • Powered by 23A 12V battery (replaceable)
  • Batteries are supplied as part of package and the item will be tested with the battery prior to shipping


Radio Detection: 5cm-2m
Wireless Sweep: 100-2400MHZ Frequency detection range
LED indicator to find the source
Low battery indicator
Detection Modes: Light & Alarm


Bug Detector, 12V battery & basic instruction manual.